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Businesses usually occupy their own real property for a reason — with the growth in real estate value across the country over time, it is usually more cost effective to own property as opposed to lease.  Real property ownership doesn’t always fit the business needs (for example: fast growing companies who will need to make frequent additions to space occupied).

The typical loan structure businesses employ is a conventional commercial real estate mortgage, which has a life of 5 to 10 years.  That means that, at a minimum, the business will need to seek new financing upon acquisition of the property and at least every 10 years. 

Zenith Assets created a variety of loan programs catering to owner-occupied businesses, and we will help you identify the best loan program to use at the time of acquisition, as well as the best times to refinance an existing mortgage. 

Have you noticed that interest rates are on the rise?  Wouldn’t it be a big win to lock in today’s lower interest rates, even if your current loan is not yet due?  Call Zenith Assets to find out more about our Owner-Occupied Real Estate Financing Services.

Non-Owner-Occupied & Investment Properties
Investor owners of real estate are usually seeking similar loan attributes, which is why this class of borrower usually likes a specific set of loan programs.  Let’s start with non-recourse or carve-out structures, at long-term fixed rates, the lower the better.  That’s what we help investors achieve — the optimal structure for the project in question, at the best rates in the market.


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