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One-percent (1%) interest savings on a permanent loan represents $100,000 in interest on a $10MM loan.  What will it take to save 1%?  Call Zenith Assets and we can show you ways to save up to 3% interest on your permanent or refinance loan needs. 

The secret to successfully funding permanent loans at the most competitive rates is simple:  identify the elements of business strategy that are affected by loan terms and conditions, and then optimize the loan structure to better meet those business needs. 

We do this dozens of time each year for organizations small and large, for-profit and not-for-profit.  We can do this for you too.  Please call or email to learn how!

Capital Restructuring and Permanent Finance
Growing businesses encounter need for capital to purchase equipment and other needs throughout the year, during various times in the business cycle.  After a few years, a jumble of debt will exist on the books.  That's where Zenith Assets comes in.  We will show you ways to restructure the balance sheet, which may include consolidated debt to replace existing and perhaps a mixture of outside sources, depending upon the business strategy.

In essence, a capital restructuring usually results in significant interest savings.  Contact Zenith Assets to learn about Capital Restructuring today!

What is the difference between financing your new project, and financing your new project combined with refinancing existing debt?  The larger the combined loan size, the more profit the lender will make on interest.  Also, every financing transaction has a cost, and that cost does not vary significantly for a $2MM loan versus a $10MM loan.  That means when you borrower more, you have borrowing power.  Zenith Assets is particularly adept at working with organizations to exploit this borrowing power in the context of long-term debt.

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