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Bridge funding is often used when preparing for a longer-term financing, but not quite ready to float the permanent loan.  In these cases, bridge funding is imperative to meeting the business timeline requirements, whether the funding will be used to secure the land, or begin progress payments to a contractor or supplier.  For clients with whom we’re actively pursuing permanent financing options, we include facilitation of a bridge facility when needed.

Construction loans are the most common debt vehicle used to fund construction of a new improvements, whether that be an expansion of an already-improved property, or development of raw land.

If you are a manufacturer, processor, or solid waste operator and seeking construction funding, please contact us immediately to learn about some interesting financing options that require proper planning to qualify!

Isn’t it also true that a construction loan must be “taken out” with a permanent?  In fact, lenders will not fund a construction loan unless the permanent loan is pre-qualified or, in some cases, fully approved.

We have several success stories to share with you, showing you how to exploit permanent loan structures to include a construction phase, without incurring the costs and fees associated with a separate construction loan facility.

Are you a real estate developerContact us to learn more about whether a Developer Bond Loan may work to save you some interest and fees for your project!

Are you a business in need of short-term financing?  Usually contacting your existing financial institution is the best place to start.  Beyond that, we’re happy to help in any way we can.  Please contact us to find out what other options may exist!
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